Saturday, June 11, 2011

A piece of nature on my desk

Litha, the Midsummer Sabbat, is the next Pagan holiday.  This will be my first Litha celebration.  It takes place on June 21st.  Right now in Australia and all over Southern Hemisphere, they are preparing for Yule.  I've found the page All About Litha to be helpful in learning about this Sabbat.

I've been feeling pretty good the past couple weeks, with only a few high pain days, so I've been able to go outside and sit on the porch most days.  It is nice to feel the strong sun rays on my face and arms.  My KP, which is always worse in the Spring and Fall, is even fading on my arms from getting sunlight.  (Sunlight is the cheapest and easiest way to control KP.)  I don't stay out for long, but I try to go out a couple times a day.  Being outside has really cut down my anxiety levels.  When I closed my eyes and felt the bark, turning it over in my hand, I think I finally felt it's energy.  I am having a really hard time feeling energy.  Do other newbie Pagans have a hard time with this or is it just me?  Every once in awhile I can feel it, but not often.  I've asked DH if he knows of anything that could help me, but he hasn't shown me how or gave me advice or whatever.  I've been reading on it, but when I try actually feeling energy I have a really hard time.  Does anyone have any advice?

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