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Chapter 2 Journaling from book Paganism, page 52

This blog entry will be answering questions from the book I'm working through right now.

Paganism: An Introduction to Earth Centered Religions

by Joyce & River Higginbotham

ISBN 978-0-7387-0222-3

My Journal page 52, Chapter 2

Your Place in the Universe

  • Five Things I believe about myself and my place in the universe are...1) I believe human beings are not born evil or into sin.
    2) I believe women have a special part in religion and spirituality and are no less than men.
    3) I believe that all living things are interconnected.
    4) I believe that I am a healer and I must learn how to tap into that with herbs, energy, and crystals.
    5) I believe that there is no Heaven and Hell, instead we reincarnate.
  • Are these beliefs my own, or did I pick them up from someone else?  Did I hear them at home, at church, at school, on TV?  The origins of each of my five beliefs are...1) This idea stemmed from my exploration of Paganism and my own contemplation on sin.
    2) This idea stemmed from my feminist ideals.
    3) This idea stemmed from my exploration of Paganism and the feeling I have when I'm in nature.
    4) This belief stemmed from seeing my dad as a healer, though he's a Christian. I believe that I am also gifted in healing. I believe that herbs, energies, and crystals can help me tap into this.
    5) This belief stemmed from my doubt over the years in a God that would send someone to hell to be tortured for eternity if He was mad at them, yet he is supposed to be kind and loving.  This doesn't make sense to me.  Reincarnation explains a lot of things to me.
  • How are these beliefs positive for me, how do they satisfy me and help me grow personally and spiritually?  In other words, what do these beliefs do for me?  This shows me how my beliefs help me grow. 
    My beliefs are all positive.  They help me grow as a person and spiritually as a Pagan.  They make sense to me as a feminist, a gay rights activist, and a non-Christian.  I can still feel the healing in my Daddy's hands when he touches me when I'm sick or I see him treat a sick animal or sick plant.  I think I have the same traits as a healer, but since I'm much younger than Daddy (of course) I do not have healing skills as refined as his.  My belief in a God and Goddess and a religion that doesn't believe in Heaven and Hell, feels right to me, as does my belief in reincarnation.  I think it will be easier for me to handle death when I know that someone's spirit is reincarnated instead of possibly burning in hell for eternity.

For each of my five beliefs I will identify another belief I cannot have as long as I hold to my original belief.  This shows me how my beliefs are limiting:

  • If I believe in Belief #1, I cannot also Original Sin.

  • If I believe in Belief #2, I cannot also believe...that women have their own place in religion and spirituality, and it is below that of men's place.

  • If I believe in Belief #3, I cannot also believe...that nothing happens to other living things when something happens to one.  (i.e. the ripple in the pond)

  • If I believe in Belief #4, I cannot also believe...that I do not have the power to heal or the inclination.

  • If I believe in Belief #5, I cannot also believe...that I will go to Heaven or Hell.

Pagan Spoonie

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