Friday, May 4, 2012

May Full Moon - Flower Moon

May's Full Moon is known as the Flower Moon, Hare Moon, Merry or Dyad Moon, Bright Moon, Frogs Return Moon, Thrimilcmonath (Thrice-Milk Month), Sproutkale, Winnemanoth (Joy Month), Planting Moon, or Moon When the Ponies Shed.

This month is a time for love, the sun is beginning to warm the Earth, and crops and gardens are being planted.  The Flower Moon is is a time of fertility, lust, and passion.  This is also a time to do some divination.


Colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, brown, pink
Gemstones: Ruby, garnet, amber, Apache tear, emerald, malachite, carnelian
Trees: Hawthorn, rowan
Goddesses: Kali, Flora, Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Artemis, Maia
Gods: Priapus, Cernunnos (The Horned God), Pan
Herbs: Cinnamon, members of the mint family
Element: Fire
Herbs: dittany of Crete, elder, mint, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow
Flowers: lily of the valley, foxglove, rose, broom
Scents: rose, sandalwood
Animals: cats, lynx, leopard,
Birds: swallow, dove, swan
Power Flow: full creating energy; propagation.  Intuition, contact with faeries and other supernatural beings.
Strengthen connection with supernatural protectors and beings around you.  Power flowing from the Greenwood Gods and trees.


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