Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dream Journal - Franciscans, Carmelites, and Poor Clares...oh my!

I had a dream last night that I was being held captive by cloistered nuns who had taken a vow of silence.  They wouldn't speak, yet they would lock me into a small room with white walls.  They wore habits (most nuns don't anymore), and they would let me out of my room to go to the bathroom, but then they would lock me back up again afterwards.  My grandmother (whom I hate) was a nun there.  My old nun from college was there, too.  She was the only one of the nuns who could speak.  (She's a Franciscan nun in an active order, while the only cloistered orders I can think of off hand are the Carmelites and the Franciscan Poor Clares.)  My sister was also being held captive a few rooms down, but she didn't realize she couldn't leave.  Because she didn't realize the danger, they often let her go and she came back every time.  They never let me go, though, because I did realize the danger.  My sister's husband was allowed to see her, while mine wasn't allowed to see me.  It was very realistic, and all day the dream was so clear in my head that it was eerie.

I'm having trouble with my bipolar right now, and I know it helped spur on the dream, but I really wanted to write it all down while it is still with me.

Cloistered, contemplative Carmelite nuns

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