Monday, June 4, 2012

June Full Moon - Strong Sun Moon

June's Full Moon is called the Strong Sun Moon, Moon of Horses, Lovers' Moon, Honey Moon, Aerra Litha (Before Litha), Brachmanoth (Break Month), Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, or Moon of Making Fat.  It was the Festival of Edfu for Hathor in Egypt, and on the New Moonher image made it's journey over the water to Edfu to the temple of Horus, celebrating the sexual union of the two.  The Summer Solstice also happens in June in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice is celebrated.  In some magickal traditions this is the time when the Goddess weds the God.

This is a good time for magick, and working with all the elements, as pyschic energy flows freely under this moon. It also is a time for maintaining and enhancing what we already have, such as our jobs, education, relationships with friends and family, and our gardens.


Colors: Sun colors -- gold, yellow, orange, golden-green
Gemstones: Topaz, agate, alexandrite, flourite
Trees: Oak, maple
Goddesses: Isis, Cerridwen, Persephone, Ishtar, Aine of Knockaine, Neith, Bendis
Gods: Green Man
Herbs: Parsley, mosses, skullcap, mugwort, meadowsweet, vervain, tansy, dog grass,
Element: Earth
Flowers: lavender, orchid, yarrow
Scents: lily of the valley, lavender
Nature Spirits: sylphs, zephrs
Animals: monkey, butterfly, frog, toad
Birds: wren, peacock
Power Flow: full but restful energy; protect, strengthen, and prevent. A time of light; Earth tides are turning.  Decision-making, taking responsibility for present happenings. Work on personal inconsistencies. Strengthen and reward yourself for your positive traits.


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