Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Second Full Moon - Blue Moon

August's Second Full Moon is called the Blue Moon, Moon of the Dead, Hunting Moon, Ancestor Moon, or Hunter's Moon.  A Blue Moon is the second full moon to appear in a calendar month.  This year, the Blue Moon occurs in late August.  A blue moon does not occur every year, it occurs every 28 calendar months.

It is a time of power, and is an especially magickal time.  We remember that we will return to the spiral path of renewal and rebirth.  Love is also associated with the Blue Moon.


Colors: black, white, purple
Gemstones: obsidian, onyx, Apache tear
Trees: pine, cypress, yew, elder
Goddesses: Cybele, Circe, Hel, Nephthys, Cerridwen, Caillech, Freyja, Holda
Gods: Horned God
Herbs: ginger, hops, wormwood, hyssop, patchouli, mugwort, nutmeg, star anise
Element: Water
Flowers: white lily, dahlia, chrysanthemum
Scents: rosemary, dragons blood, lilac, pine, wisteria
Nature Spirits: banshees and other beings who carry messages between worlds
Animals:  bat, wolf, sow, dog, snake
Birds: owls, raven, falcon
Power Flow: release, remember; communion with the dead.  Prophecy.  Releasing old negative memories and emotions.


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