Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Full Moon - Long Nights Moon

December's Full Moon is called the Long Nights Moon, Moon of Long Nights, Cold Moon, Big Winter Moon, Oak Moon, Wolf Moon, Aerra Geola (Month Before Yule), Wintermonat (Winter Month), Heilagmanoth (Holy Month), Big Winter Moon, or Moon of Popping Trees.

It is a time for sharing your good fortune with others, opening your heat and home to family and friends, and reaching out to those suffering spiritually or physiclly from this cold winter month.


Colors: White, red, and black, blood red
Gemstones: Obsidian, ruby, serpentine, serpantine, jacinth, peridot
Trees: Pine, holly
Goddesses: Minerva, Athena, Persephone (Kore)
Gods: Osiris, Hades
Herbs: Ivy, mistletoe, holly and berries, cinnamon, fur, pinetta, Christmas cactus
Element: Fire
Flowers: holly, poinse
Scents: Violet, patchouli, rose geranium, frankincense, myrrh, lilac
Nature Spirits: snow faeries, storm faeries, winter tree faeries
Animals: Mouse, deer, horse, bear
Birds: Rook, robin, snowy owl
Power Flow: to endure, die, be reborn; Earth tides turning.  Darkness.  Personal alchemy.  Spiritual paths. Reach out to friends with family, the lonely and needy.


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