Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Full Moon - Ice Moon

February's Full Moon is called the Ice MoonQuickening Moon, Storm Moon, Horning Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red & Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath (Sun Month), or Big Winter Moon.

It is a time of new life beginning, pregnant animals feel the quickening of their babies, and the earth quickens as seeds and bulbs below the ground make their way towards the surface, and light.  Dream, hope, and set goals this month.  Accept responsibility for your actions, and focus on personal achievements and advancement in your magick.


Colors: Purple and blue
Gemstones: Rose quartz, amethyst, jasper, amethyst, jasper, rock crystal
Trees: Rowan, Myrtle, laurel, cedar
Goddesses: Brighid, Aphrodite, Juno, Kuan Yin, Diana, Demeter, Persephone (Kore), Aphrodite
Gods: Mars
Herbs: Hyssop, sage, myrrh, balm of Gilead, spikenard
Element: Fire
Flowers: Primrose
Scents: Westeria, heliotrope
Nature Spirits: house faeries, both of the home itself and of house plants
Animals: otter, unicorn
Birds: eagle, chickadee
Power Flow: energy working toward the surface; purification, growth, healing.  Loving the self.  Accepting responsibly for past errors, forgiving yourself, and making future plans.


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