Friday, March 1, 2013

Only the Goddesses?

I was watching a video a few minutes ago, called "We All Come From the Goddess."  It was by Z. Budapest, the witch who started the Dianic Wiccan Tradition.  It was a beautiful song/chant, and apparently was played at one of the Dianic festivals.  I was reading the comments under the video, when I realized something-I have never called on a god.  Ever.  I prayed one time to the God and the Goddess (a Wiccan prayer), but if the words to prayer to a god weren't there it wouldn't have occurred to me to include a god in my prayers.  There are so many people already calling on gods in the world, and I only feel connections with goddesses, that I just never included gods, though I do like learning about them in mythology.

So now I'm asking myself a big question.  Do I incorporate gods into my religious practice even if I don't feel any affinity for them?  Would forcing myself to do something unnatural to me mess up what I'm trying to accomplish?  Or should I keep doing what I feel comfortable with, and take things as they come?  Is what I am doing because millions around the whole world worship only gods, and goddesses need more worshippers, valid, or is it an excuse to myself to stay in my comfort zone?

Now I've got all these questions in my mind.

I'm not Wiccan, by the way, I consider myself an eclectic Pagan.  To be clear, I have no desire to become a Dinanic, either.

Does anyone want to talk about their experiences?

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