Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pagan veiling videos from LilithP

I want to be posting a few videos on Pagan veiling, and to start with, I want to introduce you to LilithP's video channel.  Lilith is a friend of mine, and makes awesome videos.  Many people are wondering why a Pagan would veil.  There are many different reasons!  I'd like to post two of her videos here, that explain why Pagans veil, and I encourage you to subscribe to her channel.

I hope this clears this clears things up.  My favorite video is the second one, but they are both excellent.

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  1. The 2nd video is excellent! I really enjoy what she discusses - it's exactly what I'd been thinking. I do not consider myself exclusively Pagan but I do feel a strong connection to Nature. So out of all the different woman who veil or cover, I feel I can relate more to the Pagans. I plan to view more of the videos by Lilith, she easily explains things so clearly. And I love that you openly address this and welcome conversation :)


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