Thursday, March 21, 2013

Perfect Ritual Robe-Found! Perfect Ritual Headcovering-Found!

Yay!  I think I found what I want for my ritual robe.  While I usually practice skyclad, there are times I want to practice in a ritual robe and a headcovering.  I got two new headcoverings that I really like, they are sarees that shipped from India.  I have one in blue and one in maroon.  Keep in mind I only bought the saree, which is the long cloth you can drape over your shoulders or over your head.

Indian saree in maroon

Indian saree in blue

Like I said, I already bought the sarees, but I haven't bought what I want for the ritual robe, yet, because, well, I just found it today and don't have the money this late in the month.  The robe I found is actually an Islamic piece of clothing called an abaya.  An abaya is a kind of cloak observant Muslim women wear.  However, I plan on buying it, cleaning it with sage, and blessing it.  I still have to do that to my new sarees and my new altar cloth.  The abaya I want for rituals is called a "Wrap Around Abaya."  Obviously, I won't be using it the same as a Muslim woman, because I'll be using it as a ritual robe, not a cloak to wear outside for modesty.  It's just perfect!  Imagine it in white with no hijab (headcovering), since I already have my own headcovering (the sarees).

The ritual robe I want is actually a wrap around abaya from  East Essence

It's on sale for only $20.99, too!  I really want to get this next month, and I hope that it's still on sale then.

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  1. Great post!
    I really like the concept you have.
    FYI: the long scarf Indian women wear is called a dupatta, and a saree is the long length of fabric that makes up the skirt.



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