Monday, October 28, 2013

3 Days Until Samhain! Samhain Afternoon Prayer

Samhain Afternoon Prayer

This prayer should be done in the afternoon, between noon and 3pm.

"O God of Thunder, God of Might,
set aside Your lightning bolts
and take Your ease of Love with me.
You are the God of laughter!
You are the God of all delights!
Blessed Be."

Main Prayer
The solitary motion of
the heart
can be found on the edge of
Winter's shadow.
The Great God sleeps.
The Mother's womb grows
every sort of possibility
and holds the kernel of returning light.
The absence of the God
provides opportunities for
inner seeing;
visions unfold like the
unveiling of the Sun
from morning mist.
I seek the God in
hidden landscapes of my
silent soul as
He sleeps and dreams
me into being.
The Dark Night cloaks
revelation in the God's enigmatic heart.

What kernels of possibility are hidden in your heart awaiting revelation?

Daily Affirmation
In the Name of the God: I will honor my visions, and dream dreams.

Closing Prayer
"Thanks to Thee, Lord of the Dance,
for leading me into the deeper mysteries
of the heart.
Be with me now and always.
Blessed Be."


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