Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 1 Journaling from book Paganism, pg 42

This blog entry will be answering questions from the book I'm working through right now.

Paganism: An Introduction to Earth Centered Religions

by Joyce & River Higginbotham

ISBN 978-0-7387-0222-3

My Journal page 42, Chapter 1

  • I came to know about Paganism because...of my DH.  He was a Pagan for many years.  He was both Christian and Pagan when I met him. Now he is a Pagan again.  Before him I'd only heard of Wicca.
  • Three things about Paganism I don't understand or that concern me are...the power of colors; I have a hard time feeling energy from living things (but occasionally can); I fear I'll never feel anything at all when I touch a crystal
  • Three things about Paganism I would be interested to study further are...Goddess worship, healing, herbs.
If I am a Pagan or think I may be:
  • My religion before I was Pagan was...Catholicism.
  • Five things I appreciate about my previous religion are...veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary; the Rosary; the Saints; the rituals involved; Holy water.
  • Three things I wish I could have changed about my previous religion are...the belief that women are subservient to men; the belief gays are evil and the persecution of gays; the constant guilt the Catholic Church piles on.
  • I am attracted to Paganism because...Goddess worship; freedom to love and enjoy life and not mourn it; personal responsibility, the belief that human beings are not evil and the world isn't evil; birth, death, and all life stages in between are celebrated; reverence for the Earth; there is no all mighty being of ultimate evil, i.e. the Christian Devil
  • The Pagan tradition I am most interested in right now is...eclectic solitary Wicca.
  • The reaction of my friends and family to my interest in Paganism is...only my brother-in-law knows.  Some online friends know, my in-person friends don't know but I imagine I have to tell them before our handfasting.


  1. Hello, while I was reading this, I couldn't help nodding the entire time. I can totally relate to what you wrote. I was interested in Pagan religions for years now. I was pretty much raised christian in catholic schools but I never really had a connection. I just didn't FEEL it. But Pagan religions attracted me. I always hid my interest in paganism from people for obvious reasons but now, I'm starting to open up about it. I agree with ALL the points you wrote up there. Thank you for writing this, it's great to know that I am not the only one out with these opinions.


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