Monday, April 2, 2012

Pagan Headcovering?

As of late I've become very interested in the concept, of Pagan head coverings.  I'm going to be doing a five part blog series on head coverings, covering the history of it, Christian head covering, Muslim head covering, Jewish head covering, and end with Pagan head covering.  I found a group on Facebook called Covered in Light that is about Pagan head covering.

While I know you can't wait to hear more about this very interested topic, and I'm very excited to continue my research and write the blogs, I thought I'd leave some links for you to visit to learn more about Pagan head coverings.

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For Men:

pagan head covering


  1. How nice that I came across this blog! By saying you are interested do you mean that you are interested in the concept and history itself, or in learning more to eventually wear one? Just wondering. I myself wore a head covering (scarf snugly wrapped about my head with my bangs and some little pieces hanging out)for about 8 months and it was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, due to stress and a little peer pressure (it's a pitiful excuse, I know, but alas I am young and that was the way things happened...) I took it off. Gone was my feeling of connection with the universal energy which we all share, my meditations became shallower and difficult, and I began to feel myself caving into common, silly worries such as my hair's appearance and what others thought. It has been a journey, but I have a much better understanding now that for me my scarf wrap is a tool. I don't think it has magical powers, or use it to make a spectacle of myself, nor hide from the world. It helps me to reach on a psychological level where I need to be to obtain a sense of peace and universal gratitude for life. On a feminist side it's nice to feel as though you are not of the millions of American girls who get all in a fuss about their hair not being straight, shiny, long, perfect enough. All of these magazines sell products by objectifying the female form and it's nice to feel like I have a slight ounce of control over what I want people to see. No,I'm not saying hair is sexual, dirty, or whatever else nonsense, but it is mine and it's nice to have something that is so within the norm to display that is just for me. Have to say, that in my eyes head scarves are one of the most beautiful, practical, and telling forms of self expression. Just my tidbit...

  2. You put a lot of my thoughts into words that I also have! I am interested in covering myself. I've covered for short periods of time already, and I feel the same way you described. I feel connected to the world and peaceful. I really like the way I feel and I hope to start soon. :-)

    1. I'm glad you connected to it so well :) Just give it time and some good self reflection and you'll know when you're ready what you need to do! Good luck! :D

    2. "I feel connected to the world and peaceful."

      I feel the same when veiling. It's really wonderful.

    3. I get that peaceful feeling when I veil, too. It makes me feel more centred and spiritual.

  3. Unfortunately, a good number of the blogs you've linked to are gone. :(( Unless something's really wacky with my computer, most of the blogs have been deleted.
    I'm really interested in head covering, but after going through a really rough time in terms of my faith and spirituality, I'm left hanging on the knowledge that the Gods exist, I just don't know who They are and how to devote to them. Every time I think I've found my faith, something happens to destroy it all. So I suppose head covering will have to wait some....

  4. I been putting my hair up in a bun for years, only taking it out when home. It very freeing, peaceful not to worry about my hair. I don't want to attract attention of men, I'm married. That's how I feel and most don't understand.

  5. i have honored mother goddess by never cutting my hair and it now falls to my knees so yes it is mandatory to keep my hair covered to keep unwanted stares away but I have some beautiful head scarfs and I see it not as a burden but a bessing

  6. I was moved to start veiling, as recently as this morning. I honor Brigid in my worship and practice as a proud Wiccan woman. This morning during my morning contemplation, she presented pagan head veiling and pretty much insisted. I have never felt more certain of my femininity, or my connection to my deity. The peacefulness and clarity are wonderful.
    I feel that I am clothed in her dignity and grace, as is befitting a servant of Brigid.


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