Saturday, January 3, 2015

Prayer to Epione #4

Disclaimer: This prayer was taken from the blog The Healer's Blade.  This prayer was not written by me.

You who face me in the night
seeking to know me
heed my words.
I am she who is the sacrifice for all
and all of the suffering of the world comes to me.
My touch brings gentle solace.
My kiss steals pain away.
I am Epione, once queen of Epidauros.
Your people have forgotten me
but I am here still.
I was there at your birth
my hand upon your mother’s brow
as she made her sacrifice in pain to give life to another.
I was there when you first knew heartbreak and despair
and it was my love that helped you heal.
At your death, I will be beside you
my kiss to take away your worldly pains.
At every turn, I am there
to swallow your agony and drink your tears.
All self-sacrifice for the sake of others
belongs to me.
You who hear my call have been chosen
yet the path of compassion
of love and kindness without prejudice
without choice
is not a gentle one.
Those who come with pale heart and trembling lips
my path will destroy.
Your feet will be numb with weariness
but it will not be enough.
Your hands will ache, your heart break
but it will not be enough.
You will pledge to me a life of service
but it will not be enough.
You will be brought low, humbled and scorned
but it will not be enough.
Only when compassion is your breath and blood
will you know me.
Only when you weep for all
offering your worst enemy what you would give your brother
will you be my child.
Only when you bare your throat on the altar of healing
yourself the sacrifice that will soothe others
will you belong to me.
And then the work begins.

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